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ENC to host Boston Regional #SheLeads Summit

Published: October 18, 2016

ENC is excited to host the Boston Region #SheLeads Summit . #SheLeads is a multi-regional summit for women who lead in church and ministry contexts as well as men who long to see the mission of God advanced in and through the co-laboring of men and women as partners in kingdom ministry – the Blessed Alliance! Although there are many amazing efforts related to women leaders in North America, there are very few that are designed specifically to engage women who lead in church and ministry contexts and the unique challenges they face. There are fewer still that advocate for a vision of shared leadership between men and women that can help us move past the (all-too-often caricatured) besetting dichotomies we have inherited.

Missio Alliance is excited to convene #SheLeads to connect, resource, and empower women and men as leaders into a fuller and more faithful expression of partnered ministry in God’s mission.

All regional venues will participate in a live stream of the main sessions from Chicago, including a conversation between Jo Anne Lyon and David Fitch as well as presentations by Carolyn Custis James and Jo Saxton. Each regional venue will also include two sessions featuring local presentations and opportunities for discussion.

Please visit the website to learn more about the #SheLeads Summit and to register.



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