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ENC Theatre Department Presents Medea

Published: March 31, 2014

The Eastern Nazarene College Theatre Department presented its production of Euripides’ Medea at 7:30 pm on April 10-12 at the Cove Fine Arts Center.

The Greek tragedy tells the story of Medea, who according to mythology fell in love with Jason and helped him steal the legendary Golden Fleece from her father. When the play begins, however, Jason has abandoned Medea and their two sons in order to advance his social standing by marrying the daughter of the king of Corinth. Consumed by bitterness and jealousy, Medea embarks on a plan to exact revenge upon Jason ? a plan that will end tragically for all involved.

“Few theatre pieces challenge student actors to not only reach their own ultimate acting ability, but also reach into the hearts of those least empathetic and find some understanding,” Director Tara Brooke Watkins said. “Euripides’ version of Medea is one such play. Told through modern translation and using modern women’s stories, our production brings to life the story of a woman pushed to the edge of sanity.”



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