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ENC participates in Giving Tuesday to make “room for growth”

Published: November 21, 2017

After the spending frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes a global day of giving known as Giving Tuesday. For Eastern Nazarene College, this means a chance to improve campus life.

Giving Tuesday is an annual event that happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving where individuals and corporations are encouraged to donate to those in need. ENC is taking this as an opportunity to focus on dorm renovations for students.

“Our lovely old buildings definitely need some sprucing up if they are to be inviting to the students who call them home,” said director of residential life, Elisabeth Moreau.

Resident Assistant, Richie Gardenhire said these renovations would not only improve the living conditions greatly, but also show many students that the school cares about them.

“With all of the other improvements happening around campus, it’s easy to feel as though the dorms have been overlooked,” he said. “A renovation would communicate that student living conditions have not been forgotten and that the administration cares about creating home here at ENC.”

Eastern hopes to fundraise $25,000 in order to unlock a match gift of another $25,000. However, ENC isn’t just asking for help from those with money to give. They are also asking people to volunteer their time and energy to help make the renovations possible.

“I am unable to open my check book and write a large check that some have done for ENC,” said ENC alum, Rev. Mark Hardy. “But I can give some love and sweat for the school that has had a great impact on my life and my call and my ministry and my family.”

Dean of Students, Jeff Kirksey, said he notices students taking initiative themselves to help in small ways.

“Our students care deeply about one another, and the connections they make during their time here,” he said. “This past summer, one RA personally cleaned out an unneeded storage space on his floor and salvaged various fire-code approved furniture to make a lounge for his residents.”

To give to Eastern Nazarene College and participate in Giving Tuesday, click here.



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