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ENC Community Runs for a Water Well in Haiti

Published: May 4, 2015

water-run-goalreachOn May 3, 2015, ENC students, alumni, and employees ran the Providence, RI Half Marathon to raise funds for a water well at the Waney Church of the Nazarene in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The team raised well over the $8,500 needed for the well through fundraising and partnerships with family, friends, and churches. One fun fundraiser included a campus-wide “.5K Fun Run” organized by the Student Government Association which includeda .5K distance race,funleap-frog and skipping races, andobstacle courses.

“The race we’re called to run is to run for others, not for ourselves”, said Chaplain Corey MacPherson, one of the half marathon participants. “I’m so proud of these students that they are running this race not for themselves, they are running it for others.”

Over spring break, one of the two Fusion mission teams visited the Waney church and met the pastor and community members. The well is one of several initiatives focusing on the country of Haiti, along with the March 2015 mission trip to install solar panels at a medical clinic and continued research on earthquake prediction through the Engineering department and Haiti-native Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely.

To hear more from the Haiti community who will benefit from the well, watch the video shot during the March 2015 mission trip.



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