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Eastern Nazarene College, Trevecca Nazarene University announce semester exchange program

Published: October 17, 2017

Thanks to Eastern Nazarene’s partnership with Trevecca Nazarene University, Eastern students will soon be able to spend a semester studying in Nashville, Tenn.

Students enrolled at Eastern will now have the opportunity to live, learn and explore Nashville without transferring. Eastern and Trevecca officials recently announced this semester exchange program, which will be available to the first 10 each semester.

“This gives Eastern students a rich new context to engage their passions and gifts in an intentional semester-long experience in one of the fastest growing cities in the country,” explained Jeffrey Kirksey, vice president for student development and retention and dean of students.

Officials at Eastern and Trevecca are confident that the semester exchange program will provide students at both schools with a variety of benefits and added value to their educational experience.

“The impact on this type of rich contextual learning is not only a great experience now, but an experience that [students] will draw from personally and professionally for years to come,” Kirksey said. “It is also a great way to demonstrate to future employers your commitment to learning and working in diverse context.”

To be eligible for the program, students must be in good academic and social standing and have completed two full-time semesters at the Eastern. Students can take up to 18 semester hours at Trevecca and will continue paying home tuition rates while there.

Students interested in pursing the semester exchange program must complete cross registration. Students considering this option can contact their cross registration officer at their institution, Abbey Stanford at Eastern and Rebecca Merrick at Trevecca. Students will be responsible for meeting all pre-registration deadlines and should consult with their home academic advisers for course options. Students will also be responsible for any travel costs.

Dr. Tom Middendorf, Trevecca’s associate provost and dean of academic affairs, encouraged students to prayerfully consider taking advantage of the opportunity and cited cost as a benefit.

Middendorf also stressed “the richness of visiting and learning from another college campus.”

“A quality education isn’t solely what happens in the classroom,” Middendorf said. “It is being exposed to different cultures, people, places and practices. Students have the opportunity to travel to a completely different region of our country to meet new faculty, visit a new city and immerse themselves in a different culture for an entire semester. Boston and Nashville are thriving cities, and I believe they have compelling stories to tell. This should be exciting for any student who is seeking an adventure!”

Eastern students can learn more about the semester exchange program and how cross registration works here. Contact Abbey Stanford, cross registration officer at Eastern, or call 617-745-3877 for additional information.

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