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Eastern launches “True to ENC” campaign

Published: April 7, 2018

On Thursday, Eastern launched its second annual “True to ENC” campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to recruit 1,000 donors by graduation on May 6 as well as commit 100 donors to enroll in monthly giving. If successful, ENC will receive a match gift of $100,000.

“True to ENC” can be taken to mean many different things. According to campaign manager Jillian Sullivan, that is what makes the campaign so special.

“Alumni testimonials about being ‘True to ENC’ address this very question,” she said. “In general, the strong narrative that’s echoed is that being ‘True to ENC’ means giving back, continuing the important legacy of ENC, and in many ways, answering God’s call to service.”

The campaign centers around commencement for this reason. According to Larry Bollinger, institutional advancement vice president, commencement is the time when ENC students are sent out in the world to answer that call to service.

“Commencement is a special moment for any college, but at a Christian college even more so,” Bollinger said. “It is the moment where we make our gift to the world – followers of Jesus who are educated, skilled and ready to serve. They will go out into their communities, workplaces and churches to make a significant impact. We do this for the kingdom of God and the sake of the world in which we live. Our world needs hope. ENC graduates are that hope.”

Sullivan agreed.

“Commencement is an important time for the college and we stand with our graduates. At ENC, our mission is to challenge our students to be world changers for God, and at Commencement, our graduates take their first step forward to live out that life of service,” she said.

Recent 2017 graduate Joanna Joseph said her life of service started when she became a resident director at ENC.

“Being ‘True to ENC’ means investing. As an alumna, I’ve chosen to work for ENC and invest in the student body in the way others invested in me.” she said.

For 1991 graduate Jeffrey Cook, being ‘True to ENC’ means continuing a legacy of Christian higher learning.

“Being ‘True to ENC’ for me and my wife means sending our son here,” he said. “It’s 25 years after we graduated, and we realize that, remarkably, he is experiencing the same Christian experience that we did.  We can see how ENC is fostering and encouraging his growth and his maturity in Jesus Christ, and that’s what ENC is all about.”


Any donation made to the college during the campaign will put ENC closer to their 1,000 donor goal, Sullivan said.

“The campaign seeks ‘Unrestricted’ gifts to the college, as they best help fund the college’s immediate need,” she said. “However, donors can give to any cause at ENC that they are passionate about.”


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