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Dr. John U. Free Seminar Series March 22 Lecture: Haywood Satz

Published: March 1, 2013

The Physics and Engineering Department is proud to sponsor this very highly anticipated seminar series. This series encourages collaboration and information sharing between departments and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.

The Spring 2013 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series will be held on Friday afternoons from 3:45-4:50pm in Shrader Lecture Hall. Presentations are open to all faculty, students, and alumni.

The March 22nd presentation will be by Haywood Satz. Woody is a an adjunctprofessor in thePhysics and EngineeringDepartment at Eastern Nazarene College.

The topic of his talk is “Orbit Determination of Space Objects”

Space surveillance is desired to catalogue the many thousands of objects in Earth orbit. Radar sensors detect sequences of noisy returns and process those, with object tracking algorithms, to estimate position and velocity of each object. The dynamics constraints of object position and velocity, R(t), and V(t), respectively, are approximated by:

dR/dt = V

dV/dt + (u/R3)R = 0

That together with a model of random, radar-observation error enables the statistically optimized estimation of an object’s motion time history, and thus its orbit, in space.

The dynamics of orbital motion, above, will be developed from Newton’s central force formulation, and its solution will be shown to lead to motion along elliptic contours. Characteristics of its solution, some invariance properties and numerical implementation will be discussed.



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