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Staff & Faculty

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Alderman, Debbie Student Account Representative Student Financial Services 617-745-3886 Ext. 3886
Andrews, Stephanie Kinder Haus Teacher/ Assistant Director Kinder Haus 617-847-5713 Ext. 5713
Bartrom, Floyd Director Safety & Security 617–745-3719 Ext. 3719
Basilis, Josue Assistant Baseball Coach Athletics
Beckermann, Jamie Director Food Services 617-745-3575 Ext. 3575
Bell, Mark Men’s Soccer – Adm. Staff Athletics 617-745-3529 Ext. 3529
Benjamin, Robert Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs and Dean of Students Student Development 617-745-3595 Ext. 3595
Bishop, Dani Head Coach Softball 617-745-3644 Ext. 3644
Blake, McKenzie Marketing Graduate Assistant Marketing 617-745-3791 Ext. 3791
Blodgett, Janice Senior Accountant Finance 617-745-3822 Ext. 3822
Bohall, Jonathan Email Administrator Information Technology Services 617-745-3689 Ext. 3689
Bollinger, Larry Vice President Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement 617-745-3730 Ext. 3730
Bollinger, Lynne Chaplain Spiritual Development 617-745-3512 Ext. 3512
Bryant, Trina Associate Director Center for Academic Success 617-745-3722 Ext. 3722
Burt, Charles Chief Information Officer Information Technology Services 617-745-3725 Ext. 3725
Burt, Sheryl Chemical Hygiene Officer/Lab Mgr/Instructor Natural Sciences 617-745-3546 Ext. 3546
Caldwell, Nicole Director of Kinder Haus Kinder Haus 617-847-5716 Ext. 5716
Campbell, Will Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Athletics
Cawthorne, Anne Administrative Specialist Athletics 617-745-3639 Ext. 3639
Christensen, Yvonne Student Records Assist Registrar’s Office 617-745-3879 Ext. 3879
Clements, Lauren Assistant Softball Coach Athletics
Compitiello, Dan Associate Director for Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement 617-745-3734 Ext. 3734
Connell, Jack President 617-745-3702 Ext. 3702
Constantino, Patricia Controller Finance 617-745-3724 Ext. 3724
Conte, Beverly Disability Services Specialist Center for Academic Success 617-745-3838 Ext. 3838
Cornell, Bob Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Finance 617-745-3705 Ext. 3705
Cornely, Pierre-Richard Associate Professor Engineering 617-745-3542 Ext. 3542
Dean, Kayla Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach Athletics
Doane, Jennie Health Professions Coordinator Biology 617-745-3548 Ext. 3548
Doane, Tennyson Assistant Professor of Chemistry Biology and Chemistry 617-745-3547 Ext. 3547
Edwards, Yovani Payroll Coordinator Human Resources 617-745-3812 Ext. 3812
Ervin, Amber Campus Visits and Event Coordinator Admissions 617-745-3711 Ext. 3711
Fernandes, Brandyy Financial Aid Program Advisor Student Financial Services 617-745-3866 Ext. 3866
Fiedler, Christopher Windows System Admin Information Technology Services 617-745-3817 Ext. 3817
Flaherty, Stephanie Instructor Social Work 617-745-3565 Ext. 3565
Flood, Julie Kinder Haus Teacher Kinder Haus 617-847-5715 Ext. 5715
Flowers, Madison Director of Admissions Admissions 617-745-3675 Ext. 3675
Fries, Marcus Assistant Professor Math/Physics/Engineering 617-745-3541 Ext. 3541
Gill, Lorraine Library Assistant Library 617-745-3570 Ext. 3570
Govoni, Jay Director of Student Conduct and Care Student Development 617-745-3710 Ext. 3710
Graham, Jeff Help Desk/Telecom Analyst Information Technology Services 617-745-3802 Ext. 3802
Graves, Janie Director of Risk Management Finance 617-745-3704 Ext. 3704
Guiney, Ashley Enrollment Advisor Adult Studies 617-745-3846 Ext. 3846
Guzak, Beth Kinder Haus Teacher Kinder Haus
Hammerstrom, LeRoy Professor Math Math/Physics/Engineering 617-847-5810 Ext. 5810
Hannon, Jed Director of Facilities Facilities 617-745-3581 Ext. 3581
Harrison, Thomas Instructor History 617-847-5946 Ext. 5946
Holmes, Shelby Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach Athletics
Holt, Michael Assistant Professor Business & Economics Business 617-774-6847 Ext. 6847
Hunt, Stephen Assistant Director of Conference Services and Housing Student Development 617-745-3775 Ext. 3775
Hunsberger, Logan Assistant Men’s Volleyball Coach Athletics
Hwang, Amy Directory of Library Services Library 617-745-3854 Ext. 3854
Hynes, Rebecca Assistant Director of Student Financial Services Student Financial Services 617-745-3869 Ext. 3869
Foley, Sean Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Athletics
Jayne, Britney Office Administrative Assistant Kinder Haus 617-847-5710 Ext. 5710
Jayne, Pamela Academic Records Assistant Registrar’s Office 617-745-3786 Ext. 3786
Jenkins, Brandon Admissions Graduate Assistant Admissions 617-745-3608 Ext. 3608
Jones, Stephanie Assistant Education 617-745-3534 Ext. 3534
Kabilian, Toni Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Compliance Athletics 617-745-3646 Ext. 3646
Kirksey, Jeffrey Vice President of Student Development and Campus Services Student Development 617-745-3717 Ext. 3717
Knight, Wendy Associate Professor Social Work Social Work 617-745-3564 Ext. 3564
Kosilla, Kerri Kinder Haus Teacher Kinder Haus 617-847-5716 Ext. 5716
LaFountain, Philip Associate Professor Religion/Philosophy Religion/Philosophy 617-745-3585 Ext. 3585
Lanham, Janet Professor for Psychology Psychology/Criminal Justice 617-745-3576 Ext. 3576
Leite, Paulo Instructor Psychology/Criminal Justice 617-745-3560 Ext. 3560
Lewis, Keri Director of Community Life Community Life 617-745-3774 Ext. 3774
Liburd, Jannett Counseling and Career Counselor Brickley 617-745-3654 Ext. 3654
Macko, Jill Assistant Professor Physics 617-745-3554 Ext. 3554
Malas, Patsy Campus Nurse Health Sciences 617-745-3893 Ext. 3893
Malas, William Associate Professor Religion/Philosophy Religion/Philosophy 617-745-3522 Ext. 3522
Martin, Troy Director of Student Financial Services Student Financial Services 617-745-3865 Ext. 3865
Massey, Brian Associate Professor Psychology Psychology/Criminal Justice 617-745-3574 Ext. 3574
McCoy, William Assistant Professor History History 617-847-5815 Ext. 5815
McDonald, Timothy Associate Registrar Registrar’s Office 617-745-3853 Ext. 3853
McDonough, Dianne Accounting Assistant Finance 617-745-3821 Ext. 3821
McGuire, Stephen Network Administrator Information Technology Services 617-745-3729 Ext. 3729
Monakhova, Victoria Assistant Tennis Coach Athletics
Moreau, Elisabeth Resident Director Student Development 617-745-3101 Ext. 3101
Moreau, Elisabeth Resident Director Student Development 617-745-3596 Ext. 3596
Mueller-Bell, Catherine Associate Professor Psychology and Crime, Law & Justice 617-745-3561 Ext. 3561
Murphy, Robert Assistant Professor Department of Business 617-774-6826 Ext. 6826
Neil, Eva Senior Research Associate Institutional Effectiveness and Research 617-745-3871 Ext. 3871
Nielson, Amy Office Manager Career & Counseling Services 617-745-3892 Ext. 3892
Nielson, John Assistant Professor Religion and Culture 617-745-3526 Ext. 3526
Paul, Wes Receptionist Student Financial Services 617-745-3712 Ext. 3712
Perez, Freddy Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach/Admissions Counselor Athletics/Admissions 617-745-3859 Ext. 3859
Pfautz, Nadine Director of Human Resources Human Resources 617-745-3723 Ext. 3723
Phynn, Nicolaus Assistant Track and Field Coach Athletics
Piesco, Ryan Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research Institutional Effectiveness and Research 617-745-3849 Ext. 3849
Polsgrove, Kim Executive Assistant to the President Office of the President 617-745-3703 Ext. 3703
Polsgrove, Scott Head Coach Men’s Basketball 617-745-3637 Ext. 3637
Popa, Cristian Head Men’s Tennis Coach Athletics 617-745-3634 Ext. 3634
Popa, Cristian Supervisor Mailroom Mailroom 617-745-3634 Ext. 3634
Pruitt, Nicholas Instructor History 617-774-5813 Ext. 5813
Purpura, Robert Assistant Professor Education Education 617-745-3587 Ext. 3587
Rajendran, Annie Assistant Professor Biology 617-745-3555 Ext. 3555
Ramey, Susan Senior Designer Marketing 617-745-3887 Ext. 3887
Ranstrom, Lorne Associate Professor Education Education 617-745-3528 Ext. 3528
Reardon, John Coordinator Housekeeping Facilities 617-745-3618 Ext. 3618
Restrick, David Center for Academic Success Retention Coordinator/Admiss Recruiter Center for Academic Success 617-745-3771 Ext. 3771
Riley, Carolyn Assistant Professor Psychology and Crime, Law & Justice 617-745-3566 Ext. 3566
Robinson-Machorro, Madisen Travel Graduate Assistant for Admissions Admissions 617-745-3863 Ext. 3863
Roach, Ryan Assistant Athletic Administrator Athletics
Rose, Shannon Administrative Services Coordinator Institutional Advancement 617-745-3714 Ext. 3714
Rosensteel, Savannah New Student Financial Aid Counselor Student Financial Services 617-745-3870 Ext. 3870
Rossi, Robert Sports Information Director, Social Media Content Manager Athletics/Marketing 617-745-3641 Ext. 3641
Rudeen, Noelle Institutional Advancement/Church Relations Institutional Advancement/Church Relations 617-745-3558 Ext. 3558
Sagastume, Melody Cashier and Student Accounts Representative Finance/Student Financial Services 617-745-3826 Ext. 3826
Salazar, Elia Admissions Analyst Institutional Effectiveness and Research 617-745-3861 Ext. 3861
Sances, Adriana Administrative Assistant Social Sciences 617-745-3556 Ext. 3556
Santimano, Sacha Instructor Physical Education Physical Education 617-745-3598 Ext. 3598
Santimano, Sacha Head Coach Women’s Basketball Athletics 617-745-3598 Ext. 3598
Savoie, Terttu Technical Services Librarian Library 617-745-3847 Ext. 3847
Schmitt, Derek Head Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Coach Athletics 617-745-3647 Ext. 3647
Schow, Victoria Psych and Sociology Adjunct Psychology/Criminal Justice 617-745-3586 Ext. 3586
Scott, Linda Associate Dean Academic Academic Affairs 617-745-3708 Ext. 3708
Semchenko, Clairees Administrative Specialist Student Development 617-745-3718 Ext. 3718
Seneme, Yuri Help Desk Analyst ITS 617-745-3814 Ext. 3814
Shank, Chris Coordinator of Athletic and regional Recruitment Admissions 617-745-3823 Ext. 3823
Shea, John Web Master Information Technology Services 617-745-3868 Ext. 3868
Sheets, James Director of Adult Studies Admissions Adult Studies 617-745-3832 Ext. 3832
Shobert, Sarah Office Manager Adult Studies 617-745-3842 Ext. 3842
Shobert, Sarah Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs 617-745-3842 Ext. 3842
Smith, Melinda Director of Curriculum Development & Assessment Academic Affairs 617-745-3732 Ext. 3732
Smith-Mann, Ruthanne Academic Records Assistant Registrar’s Office 617-745-3877 Ext. 3877
Snedeker, Ellen Assistant Professor Criminal Justice/Social Science 617-745-3566 Ext. 3566
Stade, Kadie Admissions Graduate Assistant Admissions 617-745-3998 Ext. 3998
Stanford, Abbey Academic Records Assistant Registrar’s Office 617-745-3877 Ext. 3877
Sullivan, Jillian Campaign Specialist Institutional Advancement 617-745-3882 Ext. 3882
Tanzie, Kelley Counselor Brickley 617-745-3869 Ext. 3869
Tegerstrand, Julene Assistant Professor Religion/Philosophy 617-745-3539 Ext. 3539
Thorne, Bradford Director Career & Counseling Center Career & Counseling Services 617-745-3894 Ext. 3894
Tumolo, Stephen Instructor Business and Communication Arts 617-745-3835 Ext. 3835
Vazquez, TJ Institutional Advancement Graduate Assistant Institutional Advancement 617-745-3558 Ext. 3558
Twining, Jonathan Assistant Professor Biology Biology/Chemistry 617-745-3552 Ext. 3552
Vazquez, Patricia Supervisor Instructional Resource Center (IRC) Library 617-745-3851 Ext. 3851
Waldroop, Kylie Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Head Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track and Field Coach Athletics
Waterman, Matthew Associate Professor Biology Biology/Chemistry 617-745-3551 Ext. 3551
Watkins, Tara Brooke Theatre Program Producer Language/Comm Arts/Theatre 617-745-3613 Ext. 3613
Webb, Esther Head Women’s Soccer Coach Athletics 617-745-3593 Ext. 3593
Welsh, Hannah Assistant Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Coach Athletics
Wichrowski, Edward Registrar Registrar’s Office 617-745-3878 Ext. 3878
Wilkins, Natalie Financial Aid Program Advisor Student Financial Services 617-745-3874 Ext. 3874
Williams, Joseph Associate Professor Chemistry Biology/Chemistry 617-745-3549 Ext. 3549
Ye, Ray Web Development Consultant Marketing 617-745-3803 Ext. 3803
Young, David Assistant Professor of Biblical Literature Religion and Culture 617-745-3584 Ext. 3584
Zarges, Bradford Director of Athletics Athletics 617-745-3638 Ext. 3638
Zarges, Bradford Vice President of Enrollment Admissions 617-745-3848 Ext. 3848
23 East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170 (617) 745-3000

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