A Letter to the ENC Community

A Letter to the ENC Community

From the Chair of the Board and the President Last week a group of current students began a series of peaceful demonstrations on campus regarding a variety of concerns they have about ENC’s relationship with members of the LGBTQ+ community. We respect the right of our...

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Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 4/26/2021

Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 4/16/2021

Campus Case Update The case pendulum continues to swing. As of today, we have 13 active COVID cases and a total of 56 students in quarantine or isolation (Q/I) either on-campus or at their homes off-campus.  We had 9 new positive cases this week as opposed to 5 last...

Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 4/12/2021

Campus Case Update We apologize for the delay.  Additional positives identified on Friday resulted in attention needed elsewhere.  We continue to make progress in mitigating campus spread.  As of today, we have 7 active COVID cases and a total of 19 students in...


Easter Holiday Reminders Remember we have a brief Easter Holiday break this week. Classes are cancelled and offices are closed in observance of Good Friday, April 2nd. Classes resume and office open Monday morning, April 5th. Got Symptoms? Tell Health Services. We are...

Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 3/26/2021

Campus Case Update We continue to identify new cases on campus.  As of today we have 15 active COVID cases and a total of 46 students in quarantine or isolation (Q/I) either on-campus or at their homes off-campus.  While these numbers appear relatively flat compared...

Apr 27, 2021

Are your graduation and departure plans secure?

Don’t let COVID adversely impact your plans to travel home or participate in commencement!  As we move into the final weeks of the semester it is very important to consider minimizing your number of close contacts and working hard to maintain the RCI protocols in the chart below.  If you contract COVID or are identified as a close contact you may have to miss graduation, change travel plans, or stay on campus longer should you need to be quarantined or isolated.

Play it smart and keep the plans you want to have!

Campus status update

As of Friday, we have 16 active COVID cases and a total of 34 students in quarantine or isolation (Q/I) either on-campus or at their homes off-campus.  We had 11 new positive cases last week as opposed to 9 the week before.

Vaccinations Available to the General Public!!

Register for you vaccination today!  Register, find area testing sites and learn more about the Commonwealth’s vaccination initiatives at: https://www.mass.gov/covid-19-vaccine

Student’s please note that you will want to pay attention to which vaccinations you are preregistering for.  Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccinations are sequences of two injections.  You will want to be sure you are either in Massachusetts long enough to get both shots or that you have access to the second shot from the same maker (Pfizer or Moderna) in the state you will be residing in over the summer.

We encourage all member of the ENC community to get vaccinated if you are able!

Restricted Community Interaction (RCI) Remains in Effect

All employees and students need to observe the following requirements to help stop campus transmission: 



Indoor eating should be restricted to personal residence space.

(Only roommates or apartment mates may dining together without social distancing in personal residences)

All campus meals are To-Go only.

(Eating is not permitted in any of the share lounge and dining areas on campus)

Personal living space visitation temporarily suspended.

(Student should not visit the private rooms of other students including rooms on the same floor or in the same building)

Limit unnecessary travel or errands.

(Student should limit their off-campus travel to work and essential errands)

Face covering are required everywhere on campus.

(Students may only remove their face covering when in their room alone or with their roommates with the door closed.  Employees may only remove their face coverings while only in their offices with the door closed.)

Outdoor eating is permitted with enhanced social distancing.

(Community members must allow for 12 feet of distance between themselves and others who are eating)

Limited social gatherings.

(Official campus sponsored events can occur if they are fully supervised, socially distant, outdoors, and food offered is take-away only)

Limited athletic activity.

(Official practices and competitions may proceed under enhance restrictions managed by the Athletic Staff)

Classroom and Lab Learning activity.

(Faculty and students should continue to work together to ensure social distance is being maintained)

Limited contact casual gatherings.

(Students can meet with friends outside, in lounges and common spaces as long as they are wearing their mask and maintaining social distance.  Employees should follow similar guidelines and conduct group meetings virtually whenever possible.)

Got Symptoms? Tell Health Services.

 We are seeing an increased number of symptomatic COVID-19 cases in the month of March.  It is very important that you are monitoring you symptoms and reporting to Health Services when you are not feeling well.  Please call the on-duty Health Services number at (617) 745-3777  seven days a week and leave a message if you are experiencing symptoms.  Reporting symptoms does not mean you will automatically be moved to isolation – it does mean that you will receive a medical assessment to determine what if any precautions you need to take.  Please note the sooner you report symptoms the sooner we can determine what you need including expediting testing.

Testing Center Update

It is very important that you schedule and attend your testing on the day you are invited.  In order for us to get everyone through weekly surveillance testing we need students to be diligent in promptly scheduling testing appointments when invited and showing up at the scheduled time.  THANK YOU!

Summary testing results are published weekly at: https://enc.edu/covid-19-information/

We will continue to communicate regularly and transparently with you as the days and semester progresses.  Thanks for Protecting the Den!


Jeffrey Kirksey
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Services
Emergency Response Team, Chair

23 East Elm Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170-2999