2023 Alumni Award Winners

2023 Alumni Award Winners

Eastern Nazarene College seeks, in each member of its community, to enlighten the mind, to enhance the quality of personality, to enkindle a never-ending search for truth, and to enable each, out of Christian love and concern, to serve others creatively and...

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Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 2/26/2021

Feb 26, 2021

Quarantine and Isolation Update 

As of today, there are 9 students in quarantine or isolation on campus or at their homes off-campus.  This is a significant improvement upon last week and we have had just 2 positive cases this week with more than 300 tests administered.  We remain in close contact with the Contact Tracing Collaborative (CTC) to provide rapid follow-up in order to limit the potential of campus spread. 

Please remember that there are lots of good resources at your fingertips to help you keep a safe and healthy ENC.  To review resources and tips for caring for the community please review the COVID Resource Center at https://encedu.sharepoint.com/sites/COVIDCenter-ENC 

Modified Community Contact Update – Resumption of COVID Normal 

The results of our campus testing protocols this week and declining quarantine and isolation numbers are highly encouraging and allow us to resume our COVID-normal community life.  We will once again permit in-person dining starting Monday, March 1. Remember, observance of our regular COVID protocols helps keep us out of Modified Community Contact – stay the course! 

  IMPORTANT: Meal times are when the community is most vulnerable as face covering are not being worn and increased droplets are being produced. Please be diligent to provide yourself plenty of distance when eating with friends and observe the table capacity stickers that are in use in campus dining spaces. 

Every Nose Covered (ENC)

Remember, if both your nose and mouth aren’t covered by your fitted mask you are protecting yourself or others.  Please wear your mask over your mouth and nose.  If you are in need of a fitted mask, please reach out to Student Life at StudentLife@enc.edu and we will make arrangements to supply you with one.  Fitted face coverings have become very available and can be found a most major retailers.  Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon all carry multiple options.  

Community Accountability and Community Health 

We appreciate student, staff, and faculty efforts to help protect the health and well-being of the community at Eastern Nazarene College while life has looked very different on campus due to the pandemic. If you have concerns about someone who is not following ENC’s Covid-19 guidelines, you can use this form to submit your concern to the Office of Community Accountability. 

Community Accountability will follow-up regarding the concern with the individual(s) involved but will avoid sharing information that would identify you as the reporter. It is important that we look out for our community, so this will be taken seriously. Depending on the nature of the situation, individuals may be able to figure out where the report came from. We encourage all members of our community to communicate with one another when they see things occurring that jeopardize the health and well-being of the community. The more open and upfront we are in holding one another to a higher standard, the more successful we should all be. 

Testing Center Update 

The Testing Center will be open during regular hours Monday-Thursday this week.  Please pay careful attention to your email and schedule your testing appointment when prompted. 

 Remember that summary testing results are published weekly at: https://enc.edu/covid-19-campus-testing/ 

 Thank you to each of you for all that you have done to help keep our entire community safe and healthy. 

 Jeffrey Kirksey
Vice President for Student Life and Campus Services
Emergency Response Team
23 East Elm Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170-2999

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