John U. Free Seminar Series – 2023 Schedule

We are pleased to share the complete schedule for the 2023 John U. Free Seminar Series. Students, Faculty, and Staff will receive an email notification on the Thursday before each event. Alumni and other interested individuals may use the form below to sign up for...

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Weekly COVID-19 Briefing 1/22/2021

Jan 22, 2021

Protect the Den: Test and Go! 

To help keep COVID off campus this semester all students will participate in “Test and Go” prior to moving in to Residence Halls or engaging in in-person learning.  Test and go dates are January 27th and 28th for all residential students (other than approved early arrivers). Commuting students will test on January 29th.Students will come to campus on their assigned day, complete their COVID-19 test and shelter off campus or at home until they receive their test results.  If you have not received your testing date please reach out to  Please check your email for further information and instruction regarding “Test and Go” that was sent from and 

Prior Positive 

Students, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 over the break, you will need to provide documentation to ENC Health Services of the positive COVID-19 test as well as documentation from your doctor clearing you to return to campus and resume in-person learning. If you are a student athlete who tested positive for COVID over the break, you will also need a statement from your doctor that you are cleared to play sports. Please fax your documentation to the Health Services office at 617-745-3928 or email to 

Move-in and Eased Entry Process 

With the exception of approved early arrivers, student move-in will occur January 28th and 29th after students receive their ENC negative test results. Student should wait from communication from before coming back to campus to ensure a smooth move-in process.  Please note that students cannot shelter on campus while awaiting test results, even if they possess negative PCR test from an external source. If a student tests positive, the College will contact the student and make arrangements for the student to move into isolation housing on campus or to isolate off-campus. 

We will be engaging an eased re-entry process to help ensure all students participating in on-campus learning are COVID negative and ready to engage life on campus.  Eased re-entry is designed to help minimize person-to-person transmission within the first week of class until all student receives a second COVID test.  Further details on “Eased Entry” were sent to students on Wednesday, January 20th from and to all employees on Thursday, January 21st from 

Classes and Clearance  

Classes for all virtual and on-campus undergraduate student begin February 1, 2021!  All undergraduate classes will be conducted online only the first week of February to help facilitate the “Eased Entry” process and allow students to obtain two Campus PCR test results before gathering in classes. 

Student please ensure that your clearance process is complete by checking your ENC portal and communicating with the appropriate office.  If you have questions related to clearance, please email or the relevant campus office. 

You will notice that the flu shot requirement has been removed from the clearance checklist due to a change in state policy.  We still highly recommend that students receive a flu shot and students are still welcome to register their flu shot with Health Service. 

Please note that students must be fully cleared to participate in Test and Go and to move on to campus. Clearances must be complete before arriving to campus. 

Pre-arrival Preparation 

For those participating in on-campus life this semester now is the time to start preparing yourself to mitigate exposure to COVID prior to returning to campus.  We encourage you to avoid group gatherings and unnecessary travel to help stay COVID free! 

We are excited to have you back on campus!!  Campus is lonely without you! 

Blessings to you on behalf of the Emergency Response Team,

Jeffrey Kirksey
Vice President for Student Life and Campus Services
23 East Elm Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170-2999


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