Mar 31, 2021

Easter Holiday Reminders

Remember we have a brief Easter Holiday break this week.

  • Classes are cancelled and offices are closed in observance of Good Friday, April 2nd.
  • Classes resume and office open Monday morning, April 5th.

Got Symptoms? Tell Health Services.

We are seeing an increased number of symptomatic COVID-19 cases in the month of March.  It is very important that you are monitoring you symptoms and reporting to Health Services when you are not feeling well.  Please call the on-duty Health Services number at (617) 745-3777 seven days a week and leave a message if you are experiencing symptoms.  Reporting symptoms does not mean you will automatically be moved to isolation – it does mean that you will receive a medical assessment to determine what if any precautions you need to take.  Please note the sooner you report symptoms the sooner we can determine what you need including expediting testing.

State Travel Advisory and Campus Guidance

We are still in Restricted Community Interaction (RCI) and we are encouraging student to minimize non-essential out-of-state travel.  If you are traveling over the break please remember to comply with College and State expectations.  See below for further details.

  • The State has transitioned to travel advisory from a travel order.  The primary changes include:
  • Travel outside of the Commonwealth that is under 24 hours does not need to be registered with the State and travel advisory restriction do not apply.
  • Travelers that have been fully vaccinated do not need to register with the State and travel advisory restrictions do not apply.
  • The State is no longer maintaining a list of high and low restricted States.
  • The State is no longer levying fines for not complying with the travel advisory.

Review the Full Travel Advisory HERE.

Q:  What does the State Travel Advisory mean for students and employees desiring to travel out-of-state for longer than 24 hours?

A:  Students and employees that have not been fully vaccinated are expected to follow the State travel advisory.  This means:

  •  Students and employees should be prepared to produce a negative COVID 19 test result within 72 hours of traveling.
  • Student and employees must be prepared to quarantine off campus until receiving a negative COVID 19 test result.

Q:  Will the College be able to provide on-demand travel related testing for students and employees returning to campus?

A:  No, the College will only be able to continue to offer routine surveillance testing for students and approved employees.  Students and employees desiring to travel must secure their own COVID test to comply with the State advisory.  The College may offer travel related testing only for those individuals traveling on behalf of the College.

Q:  What precautions and pre-planning steps should students and employees take while traveling?

A:  Students and employees should observe the following while traveling:

  • Students should complete the Travel Form before they leave campus.
  • Observe all of the standard COVID-19 protocols including social distancing, mask wearing, and frequent had washing while traveling.
  • Know the COVID restrictions for the destination you are traveling to and know what is expected in MA when you return.
  • When visiting with friends and family try to limit gathering sizes and practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • Be aware of symptoms you or those that you are visiting are experiencing and consult with the On-Duty Health Service Staff member before you return to campus by calling (617) 745-3777 seven days a week.

Campus COVID Status

We have seen a slight decline in Quarantine and Isolation (Q/I) numbers and a slight increase in positive test cases.  Removing the RCI restrictions is not prudent at this time.  Currently, we have 28 student in Q/I.  We are monitoring 15 positive cases.

Thank you for observing RCI protocols.  Thanks for Protecting the Den!


Jeffrey Kirksey
Vice President for Student Life and Campus Services
Emergency Response Team, Chair

23 East Elm Avenue
Quincy, MA 02170-2999

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