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Coach Stephen Hamilton receives NSCAA Premier Diploma

Published: May 3, 2010

Eastern Nazarene College is proud to announce Women’s Soccer Coach Stephen Hamilton has earned the NSCAA’s Premier Diploma, the highest soccer coaching education one can achieve in the United States.

Hamilton’s final grade was high enough, that it qualified him to move to the next level. He now has the opportunity to take the World’s Top Coaching license (UEFA “A”) in Ireland and hopes to be blessed with that opportunity someday.

Achieving this award was no easy task. Since it is very difficult to get into the program and even harder to earn the diploma, Hamilton feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this life-changing event.

The course was comprised of a mixture of classroom and field sessions. While most of the sessions were on the game itself, they also had seminars on leadership, ethics, and coaching psychology. By the end of the week, despite being a bit sore, dehydrated, and mentally exhausted, Hamilton was confident that he would come back to ENC a better coach.

Throughout the program, Hamilton had the opportunity to personally work with some of the greatest minds in soccer. Anson Dorrance, who achieved 20 National Championships as Head Women’s Coach at University of North Carolina, led two sessions during the program, giving Hamilton some ideas about how to work more effectively with ENC’s young women.

Along with Anson and others, Hamilton had the distinct pleasure of working under the guidance of Bob Gansler, the former Men’s National Team Coach. Hamilton was placed in a group with 6 other coaches while Gansler’s job was to oversee and grade their work, and ultimately designate a pass or fail grade.

Along with learning more about the game, Hamilton had the privilege of working with other Christian coaches who were amongst the thirty-two that were enrolled in the course. Hamilton found it exciting to be able to discuss the combination of faith and coaching with these men.

When the training was over, they were all graded through a three-part process consisting of match analysis, coaching sessions, and an oral exam. Hamilton was blessed and thrilled to learn that he not only had passed the required tests but had also passed with one of the top grades in the class.

Hamilton stated, “Overall, it was a really humbling experience. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to come back to the campus and apply what I’ve learned. We have a terrific group of women who will be with us for the 2010 season and I’m confident that this experience will lead to greater things within the program!”



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