3 Opportunities with a Master’s Degree in Education

Feb 25, 2021

You don’t have to be in the education field directly to reap the benefits of a Master’s Degree in Education. A business career is enhanced when a leader knows how to instruct and lead a team of professionals what’s more, professionals in a wide variety of fields can earn supplemental income through teaching college courses. Here are three career opportunities with a Master’s in Education from ENC:

Teaching in Elementary and Secondary Schools
The most obvious career path for someone earning a Master’s Degree in Education is teaching at the elementary and secondary school level. To obtain a professional license in the state of Massachusetts, teachers are required to have or be in the process of earning a master’s degree. Eastern Nazarene’s Master’s Degree in education program meets in the evening, allowing teachers with bachelor’s degrees to earn their master’s degree while teaching full-time during the day. The education program not only meets the licensure requirements for the state, but also exceeds them, and advisors work with students through the certification process.

Teaching a Team
Education isn’t just for the classroom, it’s part of life-long learning in the business world. Alumna Patricia Ryan, general manager of Salem Radio Group Boston, is an example of a student who decided she wanted to advance her career through a Master’s Degree in Education so she could understand how to lead and instruct her team.

“As a general manager, I have to teach on a regular basis. I’m in the board room with my sales team, teaching them the latest in economics or the trends in the market… to be able to use what I learned at ENC and my teaching skills has been invaluable.”

Teaching on a Collegiate Level
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most colleges and universities require a minimum of a master’s degree to teach on the collegiate level. With her master’s in hand, Patricia Ryan joined ENC as adjunct faculty in the Business Division, alongside her career as general manager. Teaching at the collegiate level provides additional income and career experience, along with an opportunity to put her teaching courses to work.

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