Alumni Association

Alumni Association, Feb. 2017
Pictured (L-R) Steve Chambers, Ruth Ann Ayres, Dick Pritchard, Stephanie McIlwain, Emily Oates, Payne Ford, Shane Burt-Miller, Tim Troxler, Rachel McPherson, Meghan Troxler, Patrick Lane, Janelle Beiler, Don Kauffman, Lori Kitchen, Doug Kitchen, Dan Chung

(Not Pictured: Deanna Andre, Matt Carpenter, Sharon and Jeff Cook, DeAnne Lewis, Rush Long, Rebecca McGehean, Brad Mountain, Kelly Tatum, I'Esha Thomas)

The purpose of the Alumni Association shall be to renew and create college friendships, and to foster and perpetuate the spiritual ideals and material goals of the Alma Mater. Members of the Alumni Association are those who have attended Eastern Nazarene College, including the Adult and Graduate Studies program.

Alumni Association Council Members

Deanna Thulin Andree1993Graduate
Ruth Ann Stetson Ayres1965Graduate
Janelle Nielson Beiler1993President & Graduate
Steven Chambers1982Graduate
Daniel Chung1985Trustee
Donald Kauffman1972Vice President & Graduate
Douglas Kitchen1982Treasurer & Graduate
Lori McEachern Kitchen1982Secretary & Graduate
Russell Long1971Trustee
Becky Galbraith McGehean2001Graduate
Rachel Galbraith McPherson2005Graduate
Bradley Mountain2010Graduate
Richard Pritchard1967Graduate
I'Esha Brown Thomas2000Graduate

Alumni Association Chapter Chairpersons

NameGraduatedChapter AreaEmail
Bruce Barnard Metro New
Amy Barnard-Watkins1979Metro New
Matthew Carpenter1977New
Sharon Capen
DeAnne Haas
Emily Prugh
Kelly Culbertson
To Be Determined Upstate New York 

Alumni Association Auxillaries

NameGraduatedAlumni Association
Auxiliaries Organization
Elizabeth Wooster Phi Delta Lambda Honor
Dr. Lowell Hall Shrader
 Stephanie McIlwain  A

A Message From The President

At Eastern Nazarene College we believe there is no conflict between the best in education and the best in Christian faith. We believe a Christian education enlarges the approach to knowledge to include more than just facts, figures, and ideas.

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