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Homecoming 2020 Achievement Award G. Lorraine (Brown) Bamford ‘75

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When Lorraine Brown arrived at ENC from Weymouth, MA, she was only a stone’s throw from home. She already knew the area, already knew she would study modern languages, and already had plans for her future. What Lorraine didn’t know—yet—was how her time at ENC would impact those plans. Over the next four years, Lorraine’s faith was deepened and her horizons expanded. She unexpectedly developed a love of teaching and added an education minor to her studies. She traveled abroad. She encountered new people and opportunities. As Lorraine puts it, at ENC her own plans for the future were redirected toward the Lord’s plan for a life of service, learning, and education.

Gifted in languages, and with her degrees in hand, Lorraine initially took a job teaching Spanish and French in nearby Hingham, MA. A few years later, she married William Bamford, a pharmacist. The Bamfords were active in the local Quincy Corps of The Salvation Army, where they worshipped and found meaningful opportunities for volunteer work.

Then in 1987, in answer to God’s call to full time ministry, Lorraine and William stepped out in faith: They left successful careers to enter The Salvation Army School for Officer Training (seminary). Soon commissioned as officers and ordained, the Bamfords and their three children held a succession of increasingly responsible positions, including pastoral ministry in Philadelphia and larger youth and program coordinator roles throughout the northeast. Recently, Lorraine served as the Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries for The Salvation Army in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. She was responsible for the Army’s Anti-Trafficking Office for those countries. And although Lorraine has not been a full-time teacher for decades, the passion for education that originated at ENC has been one of many throughlines in Lorraine’s ministry. While serving in South America, for instance, she developed an anti-trafficking awareness curriculum for older youth in Christian schools.

Lorraine remains an avid language learner, has a joyful spirit, and is passionate about women in ministry. She is still in full-time leadership and ministry, currently holding the rank of Commissioner and serving with her husband as Territorial Leaders of the USA Eastern Territory for The Salvation Army. Lorraine credits ENC as the place that confirmed her calling to serve, where she gained a deeper experience of holiness and a fuller understanding of theology. Above all, her love for the Lord and His people drives all that she does. Outside of career, she and William spend time with their two daughters Michelle (married to Jerry Fairman) and Nicole (married to Ryan Love), their son Bill (married to Jess), and their six grandchildren: Connor, Claire, Olivia, Billy, Natalie, and Cori.

Photo credit: Ryan Love

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