Carroll F. Bradley Athletics HOF

Eastern Nazarene College has a long and illustrious history. It has been a pioneer in a number of fields and has always been noted for its concern for excellence. The Athletic Program is a part of that heritage and enjoys the same reputation historically. The Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions of the builders and participants in this heritage of athletics as a part of the educational program at ENC.  It is also recognized that this heritage of athletics has been enjoyed by both men and women, as spectators and team members.

In 1994, Eastern Nazarene College formally established a Athletics’ Hall of Fame, inducting just one honoree: Carroll F. Bradley (50), a member of ENC’s first team to play in intercollegiate competition and the college’s longtime athletic director. For 15 years, Coach Bradley remained ENC’s sole Hall of Fame inductee. During the Homecoming celebration in 2009, however, he gained some company and another honor, as the college expanded the Hall of Fame to include four new inductees and a new name: The Carroll F. Bradley Hall of Fame.

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Inductees By Year
1994: Carroll F. Bradley
2009: Ron Bradley, Jody (Gardner) Brown, Janet (Ranstrom) Calhoun, Steve Shoff
2010: Nancy (Baird) Detwiler
2011: Kristy Kottis, Brenda Henley, Wayne Hassinger, Ray Baltz
2012: Lloyd Shannon, Alicia “Pebbles” Thatcher, 1958-59 Men’s Basketball Team, 1999-2000 Women’s Basketball Team
2013: Donna (Fandel, 78) Wilfong, Robert Hutchison (95)
2014: Carl Burgess (90), Bradley Mountain (07), 1990 Women’s Volleyball Team
2015: Lois Malvesti (82), Clay Halliday (83), Rebecca (Welch) Long (07), Rodney Thomas (89)
2016: Rick Reyenger (74), Donald Eads (72), Mark D. Carr (82), Lynn (Norman) Simpson (86), Dr. Jerry McCloy (65),1970-1971 Men’s Basketball Team
2017: Steve Davis (77), Ron Mazza (75), Jon Stinson (76), Gary Jones (66), 1974 Women’s Volleyball Team, 1972 Men’s Soccer Team