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Alumni Reconnect in Florida

Published: March 20, 2012

During the week of March 7-12, 2012, President Corlis McGee, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Scott Turcott and Alumni Director Meghan Jean-Noel met with over 100 alumni and friends at gatherings in Venice (“Crusader Reunion”), Tampa, Ocala, and Kissimmee, Florida for fellowship, memory sharing, and an opportunity to hear about exciting things happening at ENC today.

Special thanks to Gary & Juanita Jones for facilitating the “Crusader Reunion,” Chuck and Doris Gailey, Fred and Bev Cawthorne and Jim and Nancy Johnston for organizing the Venice gathering, Esther Christian for hosting alumni in her home for the Tampa gathering, Gregory & Barbara Constantine for their hospitality in Ocala, and George & Blanche Gressett for putting together the Kissimmee Gathering. Check out the pictures from these gatherings!



Front row (L-R): Libbie Bowers (62), Joy Rose (66), Doris Bradley (57), Carroll Bradley (50), Anne Smith-Maybury (47), Georgianna Smith (55), Corlis McGee (President), Ramona Gale (57), Diana Paynter (68), Judy Mann (64)
Second Row (L-R): Lois Baltz, Pamela Massey (90), Glenn Rose (65), Kitty Parry, Fred Cawthorne (64), Bev Cawthorne (64), Jim Johnston (67), Nancy Johnston (67), Doris Gailey (57), Chuck Gailey (58), Joan Roberts (60), Branson Roberts (60), Ranae Bricker (61), Marie Harding (54)
Third Row (L-R): Sandra Reeves (60), Juanita Jones (67), Jim Knight, Pearl Knight (65), Kevin Dunlop (78), Donald Darsch (51), Delores Darsch, Jim Paynter (63), Judy Delong (65), Betty Henderson (66), Estelle Gray, Jim Bricker (60), Shirlee Thorne (55), Donald Harding (54)
Fourth Row (L-R): Marti McCloy (65), David Hutchinson (59), Meg Hutchinson, Ray Baltz (65), Bruce Reeves (61), Gary Jones (66), Sherrill Williams (62), Howard Williams (63), Mrs. Porter, Bill Porter (62), Joyce Stiefel (61), Bill Gray, Calvin Maybury (47), Gary Delong (66), Harold Henderson (66), Jerry McCloy (65), Sterling Smith (55), Joe Andrews (58), Marjorie Andrews, David Detwiler (69), Glenn Thorne (54), Merritt Mann (59), Joy Whitten (64), Donna Smith (63), Kathy Kelley (72)



Front Row (L-R): Rosalie Brown, Ruth Wooster, Peggy Ladue-Wurster, Ruth Trauffer (64), Merilyn Hassell (55), Esther Christian (57), Janice Peoples (57), Douglas Peoples (57)
Second Row (L-R): Gregg Ganas (66), Tyler Wooster (56), Merwyn Hassell (57), David Trauffer (63), Jay Bergers (55), Wayne Hysong (55), Muriel Hysong, Corlis McGee (President), Meghan Jean-Noel (04, Alumni Director)



Front Row (L-R): Meghan Jean-Noel (04, Alumni Director), Corlis McGee (President), Grace Whitney (48),
Back Row (L-R): Gregory Constantine (53), Barbara Constantine (53), Jan Dowling, Curt Dowling (Pastor, Ocala West Church of the Nazarene), Bruce Whitney (51)



Front Row (L-R): Joseph Heath (72), Eunice Rockwell (62), Lois Morford (48), Emily Kelvington (61), Rita LaNell Stahl, Lois Gold (63), Corlis McGee (President)
Second Row (L-R): Joseph Heath Jr. (00), Meghan Jean-Noel (04, Alumni Director), Richard Baumgartner (69), Joelle Heath (97), Elwood O’Dell (64), Jean O’Dell (65), Blanche Gressett (56), George Gressett (57), Bill Kelvington (57), Richard Stahl (60), Nancy Morsch (62), James Morsch, Carl Gold (61)



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