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Alumni in California Gather Together

Published: January 11, 2011

President Corlis McGee and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Scott Turcott met with alumni and friends of the college at Point Loma Nazarene University on January 8 and at First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena, CA on January 9. The groups met for fellowship, reminiscing, and discussions about the college. A great time was had by all! Special thanks to Mark Mann and Rob Gailey for their help in setting up the San Diego gathering and Dick Pritchard for his help in Pasadena.

San Diego Alumni and Friends (Photo Above)
Front Row: Howard Kaloogian, Martha (Darsch) Kaloogian (84), Sharon (Gailey) Lee (90), Corlis McGee, Mark Mann (90), Mary (Rearick) Paul (83), Andrea (Steigleder) Powell (06)
Second Row: Scott Turcott (82), Michelle (Krebs) Gates (92), Sandra Sickler (75), Jamie Gates (92), Wanda (Bashum) Gailey (93), Rob Gailey (92), Ronda Winderl, Tamara (Walker) Bilby (90), Judy (Williams) Enns (64), Erik Powell
Third Row: Carl Winderl, Keith Bell (64), Sheldon Sickler, Kevin Modesto (88), Gerald Lashley (57), Bruce Paul (83), Art Seamans (52)

Pasadena Alumni and Friends (Photo Below)
Front Row: Natalie (Wheeler) Holstead (51), Barbara (Ellwood) Fetter, Virginia (Cone) Tammen (64), Dr. McGee, Carol (Kessler) Jones (62), Inge Dodge, Karen (Russell) Corbin (82)
Back Row: Dick Pritchard (67), John “Jack” Holstead (52), Merle Fetter (60), Scott Turcott (82), Jim Marlowe (68), Jim Jones (60), Herbert Dodge (53), David Burns (97), David Corbin (82)

Thank you to everyone who came! Check out the Alumni website for more updates about future alumni gatherings.


Alumni in Pasadena, CA



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