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Alumni Cheer on the Lions in PA

Published: November 18, 2011

President Corlis McGee, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Scott Turcott, and Alumni Director Meghan Jean-Noel met with alumni and friends of the college at Eastern University on November 12 for an Alumni Gathering and to cheer on the ENC Lions as they played in the Nate Ware Invitational Tournament. Over fifty people came to enjoy great conversation over pizza and sodas before heading over to the gymnasium for the game! Special thanks to Mike and Esther Schutz for their help in organizing the event and to Eastern University for hosting our gathering.

Philadelphia Area Alumni and Friends (Photo Above)
Standing: Daniel West (77), Dr. Scott Turcott (82), Geoffrey and Kathie (Crosby, 72) Churchill, Paul Erbe (53), Carlos (03) and Heather (Reedy, 04) Tavares, Ryan Scott (03), Steve Hoffman (78), Ronald Ayres (64), Sally (Hoopengardner, 76) and Bud Reedy (75), Mark Hardy (88), Anne (Harvey, 71) and Newell Smith (69), Trisha Smith, Deborah (Scott, 77) West, Matt Woodley (09), Ruth Ann (Stetson) Ayers (65), Jonathan Russell (89), Dr. Corlis McGee, Patricia (Long) Chung (88), Dan Chung (85, 88), Meghan (Reardon) Jean-Noel (04).
Sitting: ENC Enrollment Counselor Ashley Rudeen, Karen Hoffman, Nathan Andrews (03), Mike (78, 81) and Esther (Erbe, 80, 85) Schutz, Tammy (Andrews) Woodley (09), Karen (Churchill, 03) Andrews, Marian (Pauli, 52) Russell, Doris (Mellon, 54) Parkes, and next-generation ENC students!

Thank you to everyone who came! Check out the Alumni website for more updates about future alumni gatherings.


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