Social Justice

At Eastern Nazarene College, social justice is a driving ethos. Justice, from a Biblical perspective, is a right relationship with God that results in a way of living and being in which we conduct all of our relationships with hospitality, equity, and mercy. In this way, justice is deeply social. Our understanding of social justice is specifically rooted in Christian faith; it begins by actively displaying value and respect for all people and creatures – our neighbors. This goes beyond just treating our neighbors respectfully upon encountering them; it involves responding to the very real needs and injustices in the world as Christ calls us to do. Social justice requires that we identify and address inequalities and discrimination, seek out and listen to the voices of the marginalized, and behave in and respond to culture and the environment in ways that invite our neighbors into relationship with Christ while creating more just systems in which we can all thrive. We understand that the work of social justice is difficult but it absolutely essential in order for us to live into Kingdom of God.