Eastern Nazarene College seeks, in each member of its community, to enlighten the mind, to enhance the quality of personality, to enkindle a never-ending search for truth, and to enable each, out of Christian love and concern, to serve others creatively and responsibly. Both faculty and students subscribe to these principles, as follows.

  • Truth: We will persevere in our search for truth in our studies, our human relationships, and our knowledge of God. We will endeavor to express clearly, concretely, and consistently in all phases of our lives, the truth as we see it.
  • Values: We will consciously seek the highest values in all phases of our lives – literature, the arts, recreation, personal human relations, government – by actively supporting and encouraging their expression wherever we find them.
  • Creative Scholarship: We will seek to advance knowledge, both secular and religious, by exploring new, fruitful approaches to deeper insights, wider perspectives, and more effective applications of liberal arts, science, and spiritual values to humankind under a motivation that springs from our Christian commitment.
  • Christian Faith: We will orient our thinking and our living around a commitment to the Christian way, seeking ever to deepen our own spiritual lives and to disseminate the Gospel as widely as possible.