The College

Founded in 1900, Eastern Nazarene College has been home to thousands of students, both undergraduates and graduates.

Located on Boston’s South Shore, Eastern Nazarene is directly at the cross roads of history, education, community, and opportunity.



For over a hundred and fifteen years, Eastern Nazarene College has guided students in their academic and professional journeys. Eastern Nazarene is a fully accredited traditional liberal arts college with a Christian foundation.

Since it’s beginnings in 1900, the college has moved from New York to Rhode Island before finally settling in the heart of Boston’s South Shore.


Eastern Nazarene offers its student’s a wide range of academic opportunities, from over 40 majors to choose from to undergraduate research opportunities. Studying at Eastern Nazarene means you’ll receive hands on experience in your field and opportunities to enhance your future career.

Faculty members are active both in their fields and in their students lives. Eastern Nazarene’s faculty are constantly pursing and publishing research, while also leading their students to live faith based lives, by example both academically and personally.

Students at Eastern Nazarene are encouraged to grow and expand in their academics and experiences. Students of Eastern Nazarene have gone on to work in research at places such as Harvard, study at Oxford, partake in music tours in the South Pacific. There have been students who have been called to care for the sick in Uganda, work with the homeless in Boston, and ecological conservation on the South Shore. 
Eastern Nazarene is more than just a place to earn your degree, it’s a place to follow your passion.


At Eastern Nazarene University, students have the chance to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. By welcoming all denominations, Eastern Nazarene College is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to grow and explore in faith.

Each week our students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to come together in fellowship. This is a time to grow as individuals, spiritually, and as a community. Our students also have the opportunity to take part in service projects throughout the year. From mission trips to Discipleship groups, students have the opportunity to server in a large range of areas, according to their call.

Being home to 15 different sports teams, means our students have pride, both in the classroom and on the field. From baseball to track and field, our athletes and students alike have a chance to be apart of our Lion Pride.



Found just eight miles from Downtown Boston, Fenway Park and Boston Harbor, Eastern Nazarene College is in the prime location for academics, business, internships and more. Eastern Nazarene students have had the opportunity to conduct research or attend graduate programs at schools such as Harvard Medical School, MIT, Boston University, Boston College and more.

Students also have the opportunity to take advantage of the wide network Eastern Nazarene has to offer for internships and career opportunities. Eastern Nazarene students have had internships all over the state from UMASS Medical School, Boston Medical Center Growth and Development Lab, Boston’s Children Hospital, Mass General Hospital, and more.

Attending Eastern Nazarene College means you’ll have access to numerous opportunities from research and internships in Boston to mission trips and studying abroad.