Campus Safety

Safety Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the ENC Safety Committee is to address safety awareness across the ENC Community and to promote safe behavior practices and promote a healthy and safe work environment for all students, staff, faculty and visitors to our facilities through the involvement of all individuals with regards to education, communication and safe work practices. The Safety Committee works to ensure that Eastern Nazarene College is a safe and productive place to work, visit and receive an education.


The Safety Committee has developed two reporting mechanisms by which the ENC Community can help us safeguard all of our constituents.

The first reporting is the use of the Accident/Incident Report Form. The ENC Safety Committee needs to track any accident or incident that occurs on our property, in our vehicles or at a school sponsored event off campus. To that end the Safety Committee has developed the Accident/Incident Reporting Policy which is also located below. Each employee should familiarize themselves with the policy and comply with the reporting of any accidents/incidents in which they are familiar. The Accident/Incident Report Form can be easily filled out and emailed to the Director of Risk Management. If you have any questions you may contact any one of the Safety Committee Members or email

The second reporting mechanism is the Unsafe Condition or Hazard Report. If you notice or experience a condition that you believe is a hazard or unsafe condition please use the Unsafe Condition or Hazard Report Form. Like the Accident/Incident Report it is an easily filled out form that you can email which is then automatically distributed to the people who can take the appropriate action necessary to remedy the situation.

You may learn more about our policies and procedures by reading the the Accident Incident Report Policy and Procedure document.

Members of the Safety Committee

HR Director
Human ResourcesCharlie Burt
Director of Information Technology ServicesSherrie Burt
Chemical Hygiene OfficerNicole Caldwell
KinderhausBrandyy Fernandes
OCC Campus Representative

John Gelormini
Director of Security

Janie Graves
Director of Risk Management
Insurance Liaison
ENC representative on the NHEIC Risk Management Committee


Mike Johnston
Director of FacilitiesJeff Kirksey
V.P. Student DevelopmentPatsy Malas
Campus NurseElisabeth Moreau
Student DevelopmentSam Mohnkern
Manager of Grounds

Jack Reardon
Housekeeping Manager