ALL motor vehicles operated by ENC faculty/staff, students (including commuters), and/or individuals residing in college house MUST be registered with campus security and properly display a current ENC parking sticker at all times if the vehicle(s) will be parked on campus or other property of ENC at any time.

The reasons necessary for this are:

  • For easier identification of trespassers.
  • For proper control of the limited parking on campus
  • For identification of owner/operator in case of emergency.
  • For ready identification of violators of parking regulations.

The only persons who currently have specific assigned parking places on campus are the Resident Directors of the various dorms, the President, and tenants of Waterston Avenue.

Faculty/staff are permitted to park on campus in the Young Parking Lot during the normal business day but are requested to vacate the lot by 5:30 p.m. so those with Young Parking Lot permits have a place to park upon their return home.

Privately owned motor vehicles are not permitted to undergo major repairs on campus. Disabled cars must be removed to the Waterston Parking Lot or a service garage unless immediate steps are being taken to arrange sufficient minor repairs so they are operational. Vehicles deemed to be inoperable or vehicles left in Waterston (or on campus) at the close of the school year will be towed unless specific arrangements are made with Campus Security for their extended storage.

Unregistered cars utilized by students are subject to ticketing ($50.00 / ticket) and may be towed away at owner’s expense if parked on ENC property. Due to the limited parking space available, student vehicles are not permitted to park on the main campus at any time.

All unregistered or improperly registered vehicles parked on campus or in college parking areas may be towed and stored until the owner is identified and costs of towing, storage fees, registration fees, and past fines are properly billed or paid.

The student registration fee for the year amounts to only $45.00. For this fee each registrant is permitted to park in the Waterston Parking Lot located only 150 yards from the center of campus. This lot is a well-lighted and fenced-in enclosure. When the gate is locked a campus guard will open if requested. Commuter and Graduate students will be charged $25.00 for registering their vehicles and are permitted to park in the Sachem lot while classes are in the session or when the Library is open. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Under NO circumstances should any motor vehicle be parked on the lawn areas or other unpaved spaces on campus. Parking in fire lanes or the spaces reserved for the handicapped will not be tolerated and violators will be ticketed and possibly towed without warning.