Transportation Requests

All transportation requests for the use of any ENC-owned vehicles will be through the Facilities Department by sending an email to Groups are encouraged to make requests at least 2 weeks in advance if possible so scheduling of vehicles, and if necessary, properly licensed bus drivers can be arranged.

The requester is responsible for locating drivers that are approved by Security and Facilities to operate ENC-owned Vehicles. Contact the Security or Facilities Office for an updated approved drivers list.

To ensure that the Transportation Department meets your expectations and the process runs smoothly, please follow the items below:

All Department Leaders, and authorized vehicle requestors are to ensure all Approved Drivers are aware of these expectations and the Vehicle Use Policy when using an ENC-owned vehicle.

No texting, cell phones, or headphones are to be used while driving at any time. It’s the law!

  1. Make your requests via email to
  2. Do not pick up keys for your reserved vehicle sooner than two (2) hours before the vehicles departure time. This allows vehicle(s) to be used by others on campus that may need it for a short period of time before your departure.
  3. Pick up keys before or after lunch-The Facilities Office is closed from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.
  4. Each approved driver must pick up their own vehicle keys and return them at the end of use to the Facilities or Security Office as described below.
  5. Let Transportation know of any changes to your request as soon as possible so the ENC vehicle will be available for others to use.
  6. Fill out the yellow trip card before you leave campus and when you return to campus, fill out the rest of the yellow trip card completely before exiting vehicle.
  7. Make sure the vehicle is secure while in your care; this means ignition and power is off, doors locked and ALL windows closed and secured when vehicle is unattended or when returned to ENC.
  8. Back vehicle into the assigned parking space when returning the vehicle to ENC.
  9. Ensure all trash and personal items are removed from the vehicle at the end of use.
  10. Take the completed yellow card and vehicle keys to the Facilities Office during normal work hours as soon as you are finished with the ENC vehicle. **After normal work hours and on weekends return vehicle keys and completed yellow trip card to the Security Office.
  11. Non compliance or repeat offenders to these stipulations may result in suspension or removal of ENC driving privileges.
  12. All Department Leaders, and authorized vehicle requestors are to ensure all Approved Drivers are aware of these expectations and the Vehicle Use Policy when using an ENC-owned vehicle.


Facilities Department Hours of Operation


Monday-Friday, 7:00 am to 3:45 pm – closed for lunch 12:00 to 1:00 PM
Office Phone (617)-745-3716

After Hours, Weekends, Holidays

Contact the Security Office at x3911 or 617-745-3911 for after hours and weekend maintenance issues and they will contact the on-call maintenance person to assist you.