Health Insurance

Eastern Nazarene College is committed to promoting good health and meeting the medical needs of its students. A health insurance plan is critical in providing peace of mind knowing that students can receive the services they need in the event of a sickness or injury.

In order to facilitate compliance with Massachusetts state law and to ensure that students have access to comprehensive health care, all students who are registered for at least ¾ time in semester length courses are required to participate in the ENC provided Student Health Insurance Program unless they submit a waiver that demonstrates that they are covered by a United States based or Embassy Sponsored insurance plan with coverage equal to or better than the ENC sponsored Student Health Insurance Program.

Students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Program unless they submit a waiver to show that they have proof of adequate coverage through another policy.  If a student chooses to waive the College’s Student Health Insurance Plan, he/she must be sure that his/her insurance will cover being seen by a doctor reasonably accessible in the area around Quincy if he/she becomes sick or injured. Health care providers in this area can be found by calling the customer service number for the individual’s health insurance. If a student does not complete a waiver by August 1st for the fall semester, or December 1 for the spring semester, he/she will be automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

All students seeking to waive the Student Health Insurance must submit a waiver.  Domestic students can submit their form online. International students must complete and submit a paper waiver form to University Health Plans.  University Health Plans will process all waivers. For International students, University Health Plans will also review the insurance plan and provide notification of waiver acceptance /denial.

If the waiver is not approved before the deadline, the charge for the Student Health Insurance Plan will be automatically placed on the student account and will only be removed if a waiver is approved prior to the start of classes.  If the waiver is denied at any time, the student will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Program.

Please visit University Health Plans, Inc. for information about the Eastern Nazarene College Student Health Insurance Plan including links to the enrollment and waiver forms. This site also includes the Student Health Insurance, Voluntary Dental Plans.