Learn how to set up your ENC logon credentials, and reset or change your ENC password.


Getting set up at ENC for the first time?

Visit You’ll need your last name, your Colleague ID or Social Security Number, plus access to the personal email account you told us about (when you applied, were admitted, were hired, joined a board or committee, or started volunteering).


Forgot your ENC password?

If you have already logged on to your ENC Office 365 account at least once in the past, you have established Office 365 Password Recovery. Visit to reset your password or just click the Can’t Access Your Account link on the logon page.

Otherwise, if you haven’t had a chance to logon to ENC Office 365 for the first time yet, you may visit to reset your password.


Employee changing ENC password?

The easiest way for an employee to change a password is to press ctrl+alt+delete on an ENC computer that is logged on to your account. Click change a password. You’ll need your old password and your new password.


Student (or anyone) changing ENC password?

If you are already logged on to ENC Office 365 right now, just click here.

Otherwise, logon to ENC Office 365 at Click the round button in the upper right corner (your initials or your avatar). Click my account. Click security and  privacy. Click password / change my password.


Account locked message?

Too many failed password attempts will cause your account to lock for 15 minutes. If you are no longer sure of your password (tip: capitalization counts) consider a reset; see the Forgot your ENC password? section above. Still stuck? Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.


Your password works on Portal but not Office 365?

First, try clearing your browser cache or using a different browser. Still no luck? Try resetting your password using then wait 30 minutes and try again. Still stuck? You may need to contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.