Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are tips, tricks, and answers to common questions with Office 365. If you discover something you’d like to share, email and we will consider adding it to this page.



How do I know if I’ve been migrated to the new system?

If you sign into email from and then immediately see your email, you are NOT migrated; however, if you see that you get routed to the page with “discover your purpose”, that is an indication that your upgrade is complete.


I clicked away while composing an email message in the web client. Where did my message go?

You’ll find your unsent message in your drafts folder.


Where can I learn more about instant messaging in Office 365?

The support site for Office 365 Web Apps provides a walk-though.


What happens to deleted items?

Deleted email messages move to your deleted items folder. Messages in the deleted items folder are automatically and permanently removed once they are 30 days old. This setting cannot be changed.


Is there an automatic archiving system?

Yes. Messages that are older than 2 years are automatically moved to archive folders within your account. This setting may be changed on an individual folder basis in the web client. To do so, right-click on a folder and select Assign Policy / Archive Policy.


Can I set folders to auto-delete messages?

Yes. You may assign an auto-delete policy to individual folders in the web client. To do so, right-click on a folder and select Assign Policy / Retention Policy.


How do I turn off the web client reading pane so that I don’t have to preview messages?

See gear icon, options, display, reading pane.


How do I turn off the web client “sort by conversation” view of messages?

Click Conversations By Date at the top of the message list. Set Conversations to off.


How do I change the web client color theme in Office 365?

See gear icon, change theme. You may need to reload the page to have the new theme take effect.


Can I use the old version of OWA?

Yes. See gear icon, display settings, Outlook Web App Version, check Use the light version of the Outlook Web App, and click OK. You’ll need to login in again to see the change.


How do I correct my timezone in the web client?

See article:


 How do I set up a mobile device?

See Settings for Exchange Clients.