Phishing Email and Password Scams

We have seen an increase in spam email and phishing attacks.  In some cases emails are coming from ENC accounts.  If you have replied to one of these emails or followed a link and used your password, please reset your password and visit the ITS help desk.  Please review the following information regarding spam and phishing attempts.

You may receive emails requesting that you reset your password or follow a web address and login to gain additional account benefits or risk being removed from some system.  Please note that ENC will NEVER lock you out of your account for failing to act on such an email.  Emails of this nature should be marked as JUNK so that ENC’s email system knows to block them in the future.  If you did enter your login information in response to one of these emails, reset your password immediately or contact ITS for assistance.  As a member of the ENC community you are expected to be aware of these types of emails and protect your account.  Learning the names of our systems and how we refer to them will help protect you.

As a rule, be suspicious of any email when you can answer YES to any of these questions:

  1. Does the email appear to come from a person I do NOT know?
  2. Does the sender’s email address end in something other than
  3. Does the subject or body of the email sound strange to me?
  4. Does the email set a deadline for taking some action?
  5. Does the email state that your account may be disabled if you do NOT do something?
  6. Does the email refer to a system name that is not commonly used at ENC?
  7. Does the email mention a web site that is not similar in format to

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this email may be a scam.  If you are sure it is, mark it as JUNK by right-clicking on the email and selecting the appropriate junk email option or you may simply delete it.

If you fall for one of these scams change your password immediately or contact ITS help for assistance.  If you wish to reset your password or have forgotten it, go to

Thank you.

ITS Help Desk


REMINDER: Do NOT share your password with anyone.  ITS will NEVER ask for it via email or over the phone.  Any request for your password is a scam and should be ignored.  If you mistakenly share your password, reset it immediately or let ITS know so that your account remains secure.