Home Directory for Faculty and Staff

ITS would like to remind you that faculty and staff are encouraged to store critical files on the network in Home or Departmental Directories.  Each faculty and staff member has an assigned Home Directory which is accessible by mapping a drive to \\enc-hdd\yournetid  where “lastf” is last name plus first initial.  Mobile users may be able to take advantage of offline files which allow your laptop and home directory to be synchronized.

To see if your Home Directory is configured for use:

  • Click Start – My Computer
    For John Smith, look for a line similar to SmithJ on ‘Home Directories Directory (enc-hdd)’ (H:)

To set up your Home Directory:

  •  Click Start – My Computer
  • Click Tools – Map Networked Drive
  • Enter your preferred drive letter (typically H:)
  • Enter \\enc-hdd\yournetid for folder substituting your last name and first initial
  • Ensure that “Reconnect at Logon” is checked

Important Notes Regarding Network Storage:

  • Network storage should be used for critical documents
  • It is not intended for personal files
  • Only college-related pictures, video or music may be stored
  • Extremely large files should be evaluated for storage off-line
  • It is not intended to store backup copies of your PC which are often quite large
  • It is preferred to use the local PC for backups of your Home Directory
  • As with any storage device, we recommend period backups to alternate media (DVD, etc.)
  • ITS performs backups of all Home Directories and Department Directories data. The backup schedule includes weekly full backups on Saturday’s beginning at 1:00a.m and daily incremental backups starting at 9:00p.m.

Please  contact ITS  if you would like to have your computer configured to use your home or departmental directory.