ENC Wireless

What do I need for Wireless Access?

  1. You need to be within range of ENC’s wireless network signal. Typically, this means you must be on campus.
  2. You need a device with a wireless G or N network adapter. Almost all modern wi-fi enabled devices support G or N.
  3. For student or employee wireless access, you need an ENC NetID. Guest access is also available for those without NetIDs.

Connecting to ENC Wireless

  1. While on campus, use the wireless settings on your device to view the list of available wireless networks.
  2. Select the network named ENC.
  3. Turn on the automatic connection option if available.
  4. Select connect.
  5. Once your device shows that you are connected to ENC, open a web browser and go to the http://google.com web site. Next, the Eastern Nazarene College Wireless Network web page will open automatically. If the page does not open, you may try going to http://nac.enc.edu instead.
  6. On the web page, click the “Please click here to connect to the network” link.
  7. Register your device. Students and employees use NetID. Guests use name and email address.
  8. Once you see the registration success page, the setup is complete and you should now have working internet access on your device via the ENC wireless network.


Self-registration allows users to add and remove wi-fi devices manually. This is the only way to add devices that do not support web-based registration. To manually register or de-register wi-fi devices go to the self registration page.


Logon with your NetID. Follow the instructions on the page.

How many devices can I connect to ENC Wireless Access?

Each NetID is limited to 10 devices on the wireless network. If you have reached your device limit and need to have a device removed, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at x3727.

What if I’m a student or employee?

Register your device on the wireless network using NetID. Your device will stay registered on the network for six months.

What if I’m a guest?

If you do not have a NetID, register as a guest using your name and email address. The guest network is provided as a courtesy to visitors at ENC. It is suitable for basic internet needs such as checking email and browsing web pages.

What if I need more help?

Please contact the ITS HelpDesk at x3727 for additional information.

Learn more about the Fall 2013 wireless implementation.

ENC reserves the right to change wireless network policies at any time without prior notification.