Content Filtering

It should be noted that ITS does NOT select individual sites to be blocked. ENC subscribes to a content filtering database service that allows our Internet Access firewalls to dynamically allow or block a URL based upon its category rating. Ratings are applied based on feedback from the Internet community. Occasionally the rating is incorrect or rated for multiple categories and we need to put in an exception for the site to properly display. We can petition the content filtering service provider to adjust their rating if it is outdated or clearly incorrect. There are numerous reasons why a site may be blocked. It could be that the site is known to generate a large amount of spam. Sometimes we find that an otherwise “OK” site has an adult content section which causes it to get blocked. It is also possible for a site like Facebook to start using a new hosting server for images which needs to be unblocked for the images to display properly. If you feel a site should be unblocked, contact the Internet Use Committee at

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